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Please add support for TypeScript or Custom JavaScript engine in Run Script


Instead of updating the current JScript with is installed on Windows by default, the folks at Microsoft
have instead developed TypeScript which is a superset of JavaScript with support of the latest ECMAScript standards (ES 2015-2017) and optional static typing. Therefore, all existing JavaScript code should work in TypeScript (in theory) whose compiler can be configured to trans-compile to ES 5, 6…you name it. One idea, is that the Run Script plugin could support TypeScript but we would have to install TypeScript via NPM (given the Workflow installs NodeJS anyway) on Windows just like we currently install Perl or Python manually.

If this is too much to ask, could the Workflow or the Run Script gives instead the user the ability to select a different JavaScript engine (NodeJS, TypeScript,…etc) and configure the options for that engine in the Workflow preferences?

Many thanks in advance.


We are actively working on this. I can’t yet share the details of the implementation, but we are hoping to have something new for the Fall version of Connect.


Hi Phil,

Thank you for your reply. This is defintely a game changer for us.

Best Regards,