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Please add TypeScript Support in the Designer

We are being asked to develop mobile and desktop web apps using the Angular framework which we have now adopted throughout the organisation. Our guidelines heavily relies on the use of TypeScript instead of vanilla JavaScript. This allows several developers to work independently on separate components which plug into the end product.

Our clients, who will all have PReS Connect, will need to be able to make changes in the apps template developed in OLConnect using TypeScript and Angular.

We need to know where Objectif Lune stands with regards to supporting TypeScript both in the Designer and Workflow before we advise our clients to make further license purchases in the future. We will definitely only push for these products which support at least TypeScript and Sass as a minimum.

Quadient (formely known as GMC) which is one of the competitors in the market have said they will support both in their upcoming releases; but since we are already using OLConnect, we want to know if support for these technologies will be added in future before we advise our clients which way to go.

Many thanks for your response.

Belated replys: this request has been entered in our database.