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POD Demo | COTG Repository


I have recently been using the COTG POD Demo and I wondered if there is a feature that I’m missing or whether there is an API to access what I need.

In the COTG Repository (https://config-us.captureonthego.com), the users are controlled with their licences etc. and you can set them to be members of certain groups. In my example, I have a group called ‘Drivers’ and these are the users which will be emailed with the COTG documents for POD signature by the receiving customer.

The question I have is how do I get a list of the drivers available in the COTG Repository and capture the email address for these drivers from the workflow? i.e. Without logging into the COTG Repository.

Hopefully there is something obvious that I’m overlooking.



Unfortunately, that feature is only available through the COTG Console.

Thanks for letting me know.