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Post function error: "match" is not defined


I am working with the latest Connect Designer and I’m updating my data mapper.
For the boolean fields I have a Post function defined:


I can remember this working fine and it does work fine as I also have true values here and there in my datamapper so it seems to be working but I never seen the error (“match” is not defined) so where does this come from?

If there is a real error normally the step that holds the field would turn red but all seems fine, except for the error.
I can remember getting the tip from this forum to use this instead of a few lines of code I had for each boolean field in my data mapper but it has been a while so I can’t locate the post at this time.

Should I just ignore the error?

Note: strangely enough the error is now gone even though it was there for at least 10-15 minutes and I did not change anything.

Sometime there are Gremlins in the workstation wich cause something to work and sometime not work.
Remember, never feed a Mogwai after midnight!!! :wink:

If that happens again, please contact our technical support team and they will troubleshoot this with you.