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Post Pagination Media Selection

Hi, I hope someone can help me with a problem.

Is it possible to control the media selection within a single print section using a post pagination script?

I have a 10 page document printed duplex, that uses 5 different medias:
Sheet 1 uses media 1
Sheet 2 uses media 2
Sheet 3 uses media 3
Sheet 4 uses media 4
Sheet 5 uses media 5

This has not been an issue with similar jobs I have which only use 1 or 2 media types as the standard sheet configuration can handle 3 medias, but on this job I need 5 medias to be selectable.

I can achieve the required media selections if I create 5 print sections, but unfortunately the finishing on the printer (stapling top left) does not work.

I imagine that I should be able to do this using a post pagination script but after day of reading and testing I cannot get anything to work.

Any guidance would be a great help. thank you.

Hi @Chris_Tubb,

A option is to clone your print context section and assign a different media to each cloned section but I assume that this will result in the same issue you’re currently facing with stapling.

Control Script example:

var printSection = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections["Section 1"];
var clone = printSection.clone();

clone.sheetConfig.positions.all.media = "Media 1";


Hi Marten, thanks for your reply, but as you said, the stapling does not work if I use multiple print sections. I really need a way of having more than 3 media selections within a single print section. Is that possible?