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PostScript simplex or duplex print


Is it possible to print such a PostScript? If the next page is blank then prints simplex, as opposed to duplex. Example - 1 full, 2 full, 3 full, 4 empty, 5 full, 6 full -> then there is duplex, simplex, duplex.


The problem is that it is hard to find out if a page is completely empty. This could possibly happen in Datamapper (extract complete page and see if content is present). In Designer, duplex/simplex can be controlled via a script.

Example Script:

var section = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections[“myPrintSectionName”];
section.sheetConfig.duplex = true;

In my example, it turns out that you have to put page 1 duplex, page 3 simplex and page 5 duplex. But what if a blank page can be both in the middle or in the end, or both in the middle and at the end. Examples are files with six pages:

  • Option 1 - 1 full, 2 full, 3 full, 4 empty, 5 full, 6 empty;
  • Option 2 - 1 full 2 full 3 full 4 blank 5 full 6 full.
    The fact is that I don’t know what pdf (with which variant) will come in. Is it possible to dynamically predict printing.

My answer was only a hint in the right direction. I dont know if its a good idea to use datamapper to check if a page is empty but I dont have any other idea to do that. But for the control have a look at Media Rotation in Sheet Configuration.
Thats not exactly what you need but it shows how to handle such things in a designer control script.