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PP Workflow Configuration: How to Debug/Run with all files in the input directory instead of just the one sample data file

I’m using PP Workflow Configuration to read xml files from one directory, do some processing, and finally output the resulting files to another directory.

When testing in Debug/Run mode my process works fine, however it is only processing the one sample data file, which I believe is the default behavior. Is there a way to have all files in the input directory be processed?


When in debug mode, only the file selected is processed.
However, if your goal is to run many files in debug mode, with a slight modification of your process, you can achieve this:
Add a Folder Capture step as the second step of your process.
When you will run the debug mode, the default file will be the starting point but since you now have a Folder Capture as you second step, it will act as a loop and repeat until all files matching the path and mask are processed.
Of course, when you run this job normally from Workflow services, disabled the newly added Folder Capture step so it doesn’t interfere with the regular process.

Hope that helps.

Ok, thanks for your swift reply.