PReS Connect Service Licence Erroring

Our PReS Connect server was rebooted at the weekend and is now refusing to load as it thinks we are unlicensed due to a machine ID (aka Magic Number) change.

So I went to to the Web activation portal only to find our reseller did not register us with the portal.
I have filled in the request access screen but haven’t heard anything back yet.

We haven’t been able to produce any letters for three days now and this is getting desperate. Our reseller is not returning our calls, who can I contact for support?

Hello @Joanne ,

Please contact OL Activations. Please check this webpage on the Web Activation Manager website for the contact information for OL Activations.

Thanks, I’ll give them a call.

I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve reached out to you by private message to discuss the matter at hand.

Just to say all resolved now, thanks Marten

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