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Print files in order with Inserter bar codes


We have a customer who sends multiple invoice PDF files during the month, and a statement PDF file at month end. The PDF files are in no particular order. I split the Statement PDF file into individual PDF files using account number ST (Statement) as the file name. I split the invoices into separate PDF Files, using the account number-invoice number-TI (Tax Invoice) as the file name. This means that when the files are viewed they have the statement first, then the invoices in number order. To date I have been merging the resultant PDF files into a new PDF file in account number order. Is there a way to send these individual files to the printer without the need to create the combined PDF file, and use the account number from the file name to trigger the start of a new set for the inserter?


Hi, can you specify whether you are using PlanetPress 7 or PlanetPress Connect?


Hi Justin
We are using Planet Press Connect


There a certain ways you could possibly go about this; for example uploading the files to the File Store and then retrieving them sequentially. However it would probably beneficial to see how your workflow is currently set up to determine the best way to go about this.
I would recommend raising an official support call with your local support department - support@au.objectiflune.com

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