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Print Local Variable on page

Hi all,
Is it possible to print a variable I pull from a database on the document?
Do I need to define that variable in the document design?

Thank you!

Hi @razvandb and welcome to the forum!

I assume that by “a variable I pull from a database” you mean that you are retrieving this value by the PlanetPress Database Workflow plugin, can you please confirm if this is correct?

A option you might consider is to assign the value to a Job Info variable, for example Job Info variable 9, on the Workflow side and to add the value assigned to this Job Info variable to an element on the PlanetPress Design document side by making use of the (PressTalk code) &watch object, like for example: &watch.JobInfos[9]

For your interest: Detail information about the &watch object can be found on the following online documentation page: ‘&watch (system object) - PlanetPress Design 7.6 User Guide (link)’