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Print Manager

Why PlanetPress Connect does not have Print Manager as with PrintShop Mail Connect and Press Connect? We often have to offer our customers, who purchase PlanetPress Connect, third-party solutions to manage print jobs. Is it possible to buy Print Manager for PlanetPress Connect?

Print Manager was originally developed to spool AFP / IPDS files to a printer. For PrintShop Mail Connect, AFP output is an option, for PReS Connect it’s standard, but for PlanetPress Connect it’s not available. These choices were made for positioning purposes and explains why it’s not shipped with PlanetPress Connect.

However, since the first version we have added limited support for PCL and PostScript and so we have considered including it with PlanetPress Connect too, we’ve simply not reached the point where the demand justifies the additional development (installers, QA etc.), so this feedback is useful.

Until then, if you contact your local account manager, I’m sure we can find a way to make it available to you for a reasonable price.