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Print to PDF results in no Variable Image Data?

I have tiff’s as variable image data on a document and everything prints to PDF except the tiffs? There’s a background image and that works but it’s neither variable or tiff. Thank you for your time and help.


This is most likely to be either a path or other access issue. I’d advise checking that the paths and file names you are using for the variable image are correct and accessible as a first step. The preview view can help with this process, as as you go through the data it should display the images if they are accessible. If you continue to have difficulty with this please open a support ticket with you local support team.



The variable data is all there in the preview, print preview and when I print to my press but if I print to PDF it’s not there. I’m pretty sure it’s a PDF issue but I must have gone through every advanced setting that might sound like the problem to no avail. Any last words of advice before I go to adobe? Thank you again!