Printer and PDF output parameters in XML


Can I pass a printer name parameter and a parameter for pdf output whether the pdf should be returned to the user or sent to a windows printer in the xml?

How would I implement in the workflow or designer?


You could pass in a dynamic printer name to the Connect Output Preset by following the steps detailed here:

That deals specifically with the Output directory, but it also works with the other fields in the Output Options. Here’s an example of one I set up that let’s my dynamically set the printer host, queue name, and job owner from the Workflow itself.

For the PDF/Printer condition, you’d want to do that in the workflow. You could either branch your process and conditionally go one way for print and the other for PDF. Like this:

Or you could call an Output Preset dynamically like this:

And, of course, you can combine them all in just about any way you could imagine.

Link down for explanation of automation variables inside output parameters. :frowning:

Hi @Herve_Heritier, are you looking for the available print output variables: ‘Variables available in the Output - PlanetPress Connect 2021.1 User Guide’?