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Printer failed to initialize

I have a question and need your helps.

Our customer always get this error message on Printshop mail : Printer failed to initialize.
This isuue was solved before by removing update of windows7 KB3177725.
However, recently the problem occurred again. Our customer has looked in updates to see if the KB3177725 file was re-installed with an automatic update, but could not fine this file. Is there an chance that a new update gives the same problem?
Many thanks.

What operating system and what version of PSM?

PrintShop Mail Windows Edition Versie 7.2.7 (build 8926)
Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

For Win 7 also patch KB177725 may be involved.

Do you mean KB3177725? We tried it and it worked before. But recently, the problem occured again with an automatic update.Now we couldnot find this file. Is thre a chance that a new update gives the same problem?

On Windows 7 it seems to be patch KB3177725 is involved, on Windows 10 it’s KB3176493.In a comment from a colleague regarding this issue I found also KB177725 mentioned but that may be a typo and means correctly KB3177725. Possibly there are some other patches involved as well.

If it worked before and right after a Windows update the issue is recurring it really seems that a new Windows update is causing the same issue, anyhow, it appears to be MS Windows stuff, not much chance to fix it in PSM software I guess.

If possible you could try to roll back the last Windows update to see if that helps, if yes it’s definitely a Windows update being responsible.

Also you may check on different machines, Win 10 and Win 7.