Printer output from OutputPreset

I have an Output Preset that goes to a printer via LPR, I cant get Node Red to output to the printer. It prints from the Designer fine. I have uploaded all of the files to the FileStore. I tried All in One and individual nodes.

Hello decrabtree,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, what you encounter is a known limitation of the current OL Connect nodes (0.9.11) for Node-RED.

However, we are currently adding support for direct printing from the output engine. This will be part of the upcoming 0.9.12 release (eta approx April 2024).

Today you could work around this limitation by calling the OL Connect Server API using the HTTP Request node. I’ve illustrated that in the images below. Use the Function node to set up the API endpoint URL and create the required object in msg.payload. Then, configure the HTTP Request node to use the POST method and add the OL Connect Server credentials.

I hope this helps. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.



let presetName = "job-preset-print.OL-outputpreset"
msg.url = `http://localhost:9340/rest/serverengine/workflow/outputcreation/${presetName}`
msg.payload = {
    "identifier": parseInt( msg.jobSetId ),
    "createOnly": false
return msg;

Thank you for your quick reply, I will work with this and get back to you if needed.

Is the URL supposed to be blank? I am getting a error,
{“error”:{“status”:404,“message”:“The specified Output creation config passed into this method refers to a missing resource.”,“parameter”:"${presetName}"}}
Not passing in a value but seems like it needs some info?


I hard coded the ouputpreset name and it works, so something with the way your supplying the variable name there. I will see if I can fix it.

It worked when I supplied the line like;
msg.url = ‘http://remotehostIP:9340/rest/serverengine/workflow/outputcreation/’ + presetName

Glad to hear things work now. Perhaps there was a copy/paste issue with the backticks in my code sample.