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PrintShop Mail // Save as PDF

Is there a way to change the file name when creating PDF files from PrintShop Mail?
We need the content of a variable in the file name.
By default, PSM appends the string ‘job’ followed by a counter (ascending) to the file name.
Can this be influenced in any way?

Can you specify what you are doing exactly…which step you are doing?
Are you talking about PrintShop Mail 7 or PrintShop Mail Connect?

In this case it is PrintShop Mail 7.
The procedure is simple.
Click on File in the menu, then select “Save as PDF”.
In the dialog that opens, select “Separate all xxx data records”. This will generate a new PDF file after xxx records. In the name of the PDF file, we want to use the content of a variable.

Unfortunately, you are in the wrong forum. This is the proper forum for PrintShop Mail 7.
Please re-open you query there and someone will look into it.