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Printshop Mail Suite Failed to convert PostScript to PDF;

I use Printshop Mail Suite, utilizing a template, BCC Mail Manager for data list, Adobe Acrobat DC, Distiller.
The steps I do are as follows.
Original PDF’s from client I run through a postscript process on Adobe to flatten the files and create them to postscript then run them through Distiller to create flattened pdfs. I then run printshop Mail to create merged mail files. Ever since I upgraded to 7.2 version of printshop mail and adobe DC I continue to get the Failed to convert PostScript to PDF error. I have also noticed that sometimes I see an warning on printshop mail that it cannot find press quality job options. I have opened several tickets with printshop mail and even had them log on and try to figure it out remotely. So far no one has been able to help.

Unfortunately, you are in the wrong forum. This is the proper forum for PrintShop Mail 7.
Please re-open you query there and someone will look into it.