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Printshopmail Installation problem


our company uses your software, Printshop mail. The software can only be installed in Win7 system. Now the computer can only install Win10. Do you have patches or upgrades? Ask your company for help.


Well, you seem to refer to PrintShop Mail Suite. It is supported on Windows 10 64bits. Please look at the documentation on it, page 5, section 2.1.2.

Also, you are in the wrong forum. For PrintShop Mail Suite, please post in the proper newsgroup. If it still doesn’t work, you might want to post in the previously mentionned forum and add the version of PrintShop Mail you are currently trying to install.

Also, should have I been wrong in my assumption (it has been known to happen :wink: ), and you were referring to PrintShop Mail Connect, it is completely supported on Windows 10.