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Problem Update PlanetPress to 2019.2


After updating to 2019.2 I have this error

Error updating database: CAP1001: PlanetPress Capture is only available with Production activation

What can I do?

Thank you

Please open a ticket with our Support team, they should be able to determine the exact cause of the issue.

This is a known issue. The error is harmless, however, unless you actually own a license for Capture (not to be confused with the current Capture OnTheGo, Capture is an older product).

If you do not own / use Capture (you’ll know if you do) and if I recall correctly, you can get the error to go away by going into the Workflow Preferences > PlanetPress Capture > Reset Database. When prompted if you’re sure you want to proceed, just click yes. This recreates the database associated with Capture and should make one that’s at least ‘updated’ enough to cause the error to go away.

Obviously don’t do any of this if you actually are using Capture. At that point it would be best to contact us in Support instead and we’ll have a look over things.