Problem with Positioned Box


after playing with the Position-attribute for a “Positioned Box” (switching from ‘absolute’ to ‘fixed’ to ‘absolute’ and back to ‘fixed’) I ended up with a result that looks as if there are two Boxes: one drawn with a grey frame and one with a blue frame with handles with an an offset. Resizing the blue one also affects the grey one.

There is only one DIV to see in then sourcecode - I wonder if this a HTML/CSS-Feature or a bug.

Get the Template from:

Hi Thomas,

Definitely not expected, seems to be a combination of both the “position: fixed” that cause this odd “double-boundary” thing. While that needs to be fixed (I’ll open an R&D issue and attach your example), this is the result of some non-standard manipulation (generally, no one switches between positions), so not something major.