Problems after update to 2.1

We seem to be having a lot of problems since we’ve updated to Planetpress 2.1.

Printing seems to get stuck at 94% for larger files, after I while it just stops and I get a LoggedApplicationException. I also had a designer that was corrupt for some reason and wouldn’t print and anytime I tried to print it all other Planetpress output stopped working, until I reset the printserver.

Also for some reason the Fonts aren’t working properly anymore, a lot, but not all of the fonts just get a basic placeholder font instead of the actual one.

Similar experience. With 2.1, preview code for showing guides somehow ended up in output, issues getting the print server running (it failed to start automatically), and an issue with the MICRE13B font going phantom. I cannot, unfortunately, roll back as now several of our data maps and templates have been saved in 2.1.

Let’s hope things tighten up with the next release!

Just for clarification: what version exactly are you referring to as “2.1” ?

for me, version 2018.2.1.54383.

Same version… 2018.2.1

You should both open tickets with our Support team. Version 2018.2.1 was a minor release that only contains fixes for very specific issues, none of which are related to the problems you describe. Our Support team will ask you from which version you upgraded and whether anything else on the system has changed (@Willem, your font issue would indicate the OS was upgraded as well, or perhaps its User Policies).

I have opened tickets on both issues, and both were confirmed as bugs.

Font Issue ticket 192670.

For the issue with Preview code ending up in the output (guidelines printing), ticket 192769.

I have also opened up some tickets, they are still in progress.