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Process for adding users


Hi all,

Just trying to make sure I understand what I need to do if I have someone adding additional COTG Users to their license. My questions…

  1. Will I need to do any additional activations of those additional user licenses, or will they simply populate in the packages section of their repository?

  2. Once I add those users and activate them, I then just need to go through the workflows they have created and add those users to the metadata under the deposit portion of Output to Capture OnTheGo for each form, correct? Or is there a simpler way to do this with groups?

  3. Is there anything else I’m missing?

thanks for all your help!



You will be able to add additional COTG users if your active users are lesser than the available users limit in COTG repository. You will be able to check the active number of users and the available users under users tab in COTG repository.

After adding the users and activating them, you can either add the individual user id to the recipients tab in Output to Capture On The Go plugin or add the group name so that it can be sent to all the users in the group.

Please refer to the Caputure on the Go user guide using the link below and let us know in case of any queries.


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Thank you for your reply. In terms of licensing, if we start with a 10 user license, and then I purchase an additional two users to add on, do I need to activate those additional licenses somewhere? Or are those licenses automatically added to my number of available users?

Thank you for your help as I continue to learn this product.



Please login to the repository and check if the licenses are added to your account. These details can be found on the Packages tab in the repository. If they are not added there then please drop an email to our activation team who would be able to assist you on the same.

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Thank you for all your help! I’ve chosen your answer as the best solution. :slight_smile: