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Process input from another process (send to process)


we want to speed up the processing of our invoices.

We are having durations of over 3min to process a set with about 50 invoices.
In the log-files we can see, that the most of the time takes the “create print content” task.
Our idea was now, to split up the creation into two processes. The first takes all spool-files which are smaller than 100kb, and the second the ones which are bigger.

Then each process runs through the complete creation of the invoice (pcl, and pdf).
For the descision of which process should be taken we use the file size condition.
Now the problem is, how can we choose that the input for the process, comes from another process?
In the input-plugins I do not find the correct plugin.

Many thanks.


There’s a plugin “Send to Process” in the Process logic group, maybe this one helps?

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