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Punctuation marks in header csv

Hello, we updatet to the latest version of PP Designer (2022.2.3.13959) and we noticed that punctuation marks in the headers of the data gives errors now. We always recommend costumers to avoid punctuation marks in the headers, till the last version a simple point was not a problem, but this gives errors now (for example: <<house.nr>> gives an error in the output.
Is this a bug, or do we have to check up all our templates and workflow searching for points in headers?
Thanks in advance,

I tested it with CSV and XML and it works fine.

One thing to note is that starting with version 2022.2, the CSV data type no longer assumes by default that the first first line of the file contains the column names, you have to explicitly tell it to do so.


It works in the datamapper, but as soon i drag the field into the designer scripts pane(print template), and then drag it into the section, it gives an error:

Hallo Rolf,

Thanks for reaching out. This is a know problem and I can confirm this will be fixed in the oncoming 2023.1 release. Internal reference [SHARED-88825].



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