QR barcode in email - bin attachment?


We create emails with a QR code. The QR code output is set to png. It looks good and works fine, but in some email (web)clients or when our customers answer this email, there is a mysterious bin file in the attachments , e.g. att1784fe98-0023-41f8-bf5f-6bdfd8afc45a.bin - but only when there is a QR code in the email.

Two questions: 1. Why? Just so I can explain it. 2. Is there any way to get rid of the “bin” attachment?

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Thanks for pointing that out to us. I can reproduce the issue and created a ticket (internal reference: SHARED-90946). The problem is that a png barcode uses a data url with the custom mime type application/vnd.ol.barcode+png. Things work better with image/png.

The only workaround I can think of is to configure the barcode to use svg, then right-click the barcode div > Rasterize Options > Email > Enable, and make sure png is selected. Rasterizing the svg as png is necessary because most email clients do not support svg.

You might expect the second step to be sufficient as a workaround, but if you don’t configure the barcode to use svg you will still get a bin attachment due to an unrelated bug that I also created a ticket for (internal reference: SHARED-90947).

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Thank you for getting back to me on this and your research into the matter.

Your workaround works like a charm.

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@Sander The workaround does work as long as I want to display the QR Code. But if there is an email where I want to hide (conditional script) the part with the qr code, I get an error in the workflow:

W3001 : Error while executing plugin: HTTP/1.1 500 An unspecified error occurred which was caused by ApplicationException: TypeError: layoutData is null

any ideas?

@Tobias I see what you mean. Rasterize Options > Enable triggers an error if the element is hidden. That is very unfortunate, I created a separate ticket for that (internal reference: SHARED-90953).

Would it be an option to remove the element from the DOM rather than hide it? You can do this by expanding the conditional script and replacing results.hide with results.remove.

@Sander Yes, results.remove() works for us. And I cant see any differences in the resulting email - are there any?

Before we send email we first remove any hidden elements, so the output should be identical.

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@Sander Sorry, to get into this topic again.

everything worked as expected. after sometime - we can’t really tell when - the qr codes were not part of the email anymore.

everything looks good in the designer preview. when I transfer the template to the server/workflow again - still no qr codes. but when I set the barcode back to PNG, disable the rasterize and than set it back (SVG & rasterize), transfer the template to the server/workflow again, it works for a few days/weeks…

it makes no sense to me. i am thinking of going back to the “bin” attachment. that worked fine except for the wrong file type

Hello @Tobias,

Maybe it would be a good thing to open a technical support ticket through our website and have a support agent check this wirth you.