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Quadient (Neopost) DS85i and DS95i Inserters

Where can I get the HCF file(s) for the Quadient (Neopost) DS85i and DS95i Inserters?

I need to add a 2d barcode on the document to control the inserter.

HCFs are a bit of an outdated concept for Connect. They’re meant as backwards compatibility with older products.

Your best bet these days is to use the barcode options available in the Output Preset (Additional Content) where you have tools for inserting OMR marks or other barcodes traditionally used by inserters.

The first thing you’ll want to get, of course, will be the user guides for those inserters. These will have detailed specifications for the barcodes and will be critical for setting up the marks you’ll need.

The OMR barcode wizard has native support for a lot of the marks you’d expect, such as wrap around sequence, group start/stop, parity, etc. Other marks can be accomplished with some conditions based on output variables.

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I realize this question was posted a while back, but in case anyone is having this same issue, here is my solution for a basic 2D barcode that will contain NofM and a sequential counter that counts from 0 to 99 and starts over.

In the Designer go to File -> Print Presets -> Output Creation Settings.
Click Next and Check the “Add additional” content checkbox.
Click Next until you are at the “Additional Content” page.
Click the small green + sign in the upper right-hand side and select Barcode and Data Matrix.
In the Text: box paste this code:
Click OK.
Click the Preview button at the bottom to verify there is a barcode at the bottom of the pages.
(Note: you can add a text field and put the same code in the “Text” box if you want to see what is in the barcode).

This code will hopefully help someone get started it will work on Simplex single page documents. There are some additional steps to handle duplex.

@gdaniel What is NofM?

Think it’s supposed to be NofN as in Page N of N