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Question about COTG workflow

Hi everyone,

I’m a little bit lost ! Here is my setup :

  • Have create a template with Designer with a COTG signature field. The template is build with an image in background and a field add on that for the signature. The image is created from a previous workflow catching a print.
  • I want to create a workflow that is take this template and send it to my phone application COTG and retreive the information and re-created a PDF with the signature back.

I’m totally lost ! I have a year account with 3 users COTG for test. Then what I assume and need correction.

  • Need to create an HTML file with my template COTG and send it to the COTG server
  • Need to receive the information from the COTG Server
  • Need to convert the return information in PDF.

What I’m not sure is :

  • What is the address ?
  • Do I need to create a web server on my Workflow server ?
  • How to send the HTML created before to the COTG Server?
  • Do I need to create a new template to receive the signature to add on it or I use the same ?

I hope I’m enough clear !


Hi TeasdaleR,

The plugin Output to Capture on the go is used to send your HTML form to the repository. You will need to configure it based on your Repository ID and password. The address you put in your forms to subit them(and to download the forms to the tablets) should be the URL at which your PlanetPress server can be reached. If the tablets are on the same network, the server name or ip address will work, but if they are not, the you will need a publicly available URL for your workflow server and configure that in your forms. Depending on your needs, the same template or a different one can be used to produce the resulting PDF, it entirely based on what you need. The datamapper will require to be configured to map the submitted data for merging with a template to create the PDF. I would recommend you get a small training on COTG before using it, or contact technical support for assistance if you feel it is not behaving as it should.

Thanks. Regards,