Question on uft-16 little endian workflow

Hi guys,

Just got a query on splitting a data file that is EFT-16LE encoded.
The “Change Emulation” plugin does not seem to have this. I’m ideally looking for a solution using the workflow if possible.

Any help much appreciated.

Assuming you meant to say UTF-16 LE (I have never heard of EFT-16…), you can try using the Translator action task to convert from 1200 (UCS-2/UTF-16 Little Endian) to 65001 (UTF-8).

If your file is an XML file, then you will also need to change the encoding property in the header line (encoding="utf-8").

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Thanks @Phil, I was wondering what to use the Translator plugin for and now I know. Thanks for that. The data file is csv ‘,’ delimited.