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Recommendations to update MySQL

The version of MySQL installed on the PlanetPress Connect server was determined to be vulnerable, with the recommendation that it should be upgraded to the latest version.

Are there any Objectif Lune recommendations for upgrading MySQL?

I understand that the PlanetPress Connect installer does not upgrade MySQL during a upgrade of PlanetPress Connect. Is this correct?

That is correct. The installer always installs a specific version of MySQL that has been tested and certified by our QA department. From time to time we change the installer so that it installs a more recent version of the DB engine.

You may upgrade your DB, but you do so at your own risks. Obviously, you must have a backup handy, should any issue arise with the upgraded DB engine.

Considering currently using v2019.1 what would be better/easier/safer?

  • Manually remove PlanetPress Connect and MySQL and install 2020.2

  • Upgrade MySQL to v8.0.18 and then upgrade PlanetPress Connect to 2020.2

  • Upgrade MySQL to v8.0.18 and keep PlanetPress Connect at 2019.1

Both assuming a DB backup, configuration backup and server backup.

Well for starters, you should definitely upgrade Connect to the latest version. Yours is pretty old as it is (in computer software terms!).

You can then either upgrade MySQL or you could install a new version side by side with the current one, making sure they both use different ports. That would allow you to quickly switch Connect from one MySQL to the other through the Connect Server Preferences. If, after running your tests, you find that the new version of MySQL works well with your system, then you can decide if you want to uninstall the previous one.