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Reducing click costs - grayscale counted as color


our invoices are created with several pages, where only page 4 and 5 should be printed in color.
All other pages should be printed in black-white. On these pages there is no color - all tables and images are in grayscale. The images are grayscaled svg graphics. Barcodes are in grayscale and CMYK. But the printer counts these sites as color clicks.
For printing we use pcl and Konica-Minolta C754 printer.
Is there a general option with which we could set, to print a section in grayscale only.

Thanks for proposals to solve this problem.


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Hello again,

is there no solution for this problem?
We are actually running in big problems with the click counts.



I had a look at the PPD (postscript printer description) for your printer and it has an option to select print in greyscale or colour.
The option may or may not apply only at the job level, I don’t have this printer so I can’t try anything.
If you have the choice to use postscript instead of pcl, you may be able to access options that are not available in pcl.

The problem is, our template has different sections which are printed on a specific condition.
Only two of the pages should be printed in color, all other in black-white. If we now change to monochrome in the output-preset, all pages are printed in black-white.

Also we had problems with postscript and the Konica Minolta C754 emperon controller, and also with the fiery. Therefore we changed from postscript to pcl.

To know if your printer can switch between color and blakc&white in the same job, can you, by opening a PDF in Adobe, one that has black&white and color pages in it, print it and get the expected result thorugh the printer’s driver?

If the printer, cannot switch between these two color mode in the same job, there is not much we can do. And if it does, I suggest you reproduce it, then do a print to file of the Postscript job (the PDF through the postscript driver) and open a ticket so our technician can look at the commands used and the order of them needed.

I have created a PDF-File with Microsoft Office.
One site with text in black, and one site with the same text in blue.
Black was counted as black-white
blue was counted as color.

Tomorow i will create the same pdf with planet-press, and check the result.

Most likely, the whole job will be seen as color.
What you need to do now, is to reprint this to a file and open a ticket on our website.
Attach the file to your ticket and a technician will look into it and help you figure out how to get the commands from the Postscript job and add them to your Connect Template.

I forgot to say, that we actually use PCL for printing.

As I see at the moment it is so.
If there is only one page in color, all other pages are counted as color, when printing with PCL.
Sure, I can use “monochrome” int the output-preset, but that is not was we wanted.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to add specific PCL command in Connect. Have you tried contacting our support in helping you with your printer’s Postscript issue? That said, as long as the issue are happening in Connect and not other application.

@NBecker Is you colour content static or dynamic? Is it variable number of pages per set? I may have a workaround successfully used in a similar situation.

@puszczyk can you share your workaround with us?