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Reduct Text in Region


Just a question. Does The PP connect workflow handle and text reduct on a PDF page, natively instead of calling a 3rd party program? I don’t seem to see anything about this in the forum, unless i missed it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @james123456,

With “text reduct on a PDF page” you mean removing or shortening specific text on a selected region from a PDF page? Otherwise, can you please explain what you mean by “text reduct”?

Hi @Marten,

What I mean is remove text from a PDF in a specific region on a page. This is what I mean.

Hi @james123456,

Unfortunately it is not possible to remove text from a specific region on a page of a PDF document by PlanetPress Connect or by PlanetPress Workflow.

@Marten thanks for you help.

Any chance we could have this as a feature request for PlanetPress Connect Workflow?

Hi @james123456

You want to remove or mak for printing ?

Hi @Herve_Heritier,

What I would like to do is remove text from a region on a PDF document. The use case for this is when processing PDF documents, I wish to add markers on a specific region on a page e.g. bottom right corner on a page. So for the first step, pass through all the pages and remove any text on this region. Then on the second step, add a marker at this position. This text removal stage will help prevent any issues when there are text in this region when I do further merging of PDF documents.

I hope my use case description makes it clear.


Ok, then I don’t have solution. Sorry.

Hi @james123456,

May I know if it is it possible that there is also text shown outside the selected region, as shown in the following example:


And can there be placed an coloured shape or image as a background behind the text in the selected region?

If the answer on both questions is “No” then you can consider to place a white shape over the selected region and to add the mark on top of this white shape. Please note that this isn’t a good solution because the page does still contain the text and I’m not sure if some printers will have some difficulties with the white coloured shape.

Sure @Marten,

but if he want to capture text marker put on the top of the shape. In the next merge which text is captured ?

Hi @Marten ,

Did not think of this. I have placed a white image but still seem that I can select/extract the text when I generate the PDf file and load it into the Datamapper. So this would not work in my case. See image below.

Tried to insert a geomatric shape in connect over the text but I seem to still extract text underneath the geomatric shape. See image below.

I don’t see a way for you to do this if it requires a much more complex PDF. But if it is as simple as your images, I would still hide the text with a white div, put the new text over it as you have done already and then add the info you want to extract/map later in a 100% white space area on the PDF. Can even be 6pt font on the very edge of the page, but in white text so it is invisible to the eye. Different story if images are in the PDF and white text would be obvious.

Just a thought.


Thanks @Sharne for your help. Just though our PlanetPress workflow wizards could help with this or have this added as a feature to PlanetPress workflow. It’s just a little bit odd that you can add text to a PDF, why not remove it too? I really :heart: love your products @Marten . At the moment, will resort to a 3rd party library to help with this.


The ability to edit existing PDFs is something that’s on our TODO list. You have to remember that our products were initially designed to automate the generation of very elaborate PDF files from scratch, so we focused on adding content to those files. But now, with a growing number of users who use existing PDF files as the basis for their new documents, we can definitely see the value in allowing them to analyze and remove content from the files.

We’ll get there eventually!


Thanks @Phil for the info. Really appreciate this.