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Remove last empty trailing rows only from dynamicl table

I have a detail table where we are meant to keep empty row between rows that are populated with data. As a result of the design and depending on the data, some empty rows do appear at the end of the detail table and as such they will sometimes generate empty pages.

How can I remove trailing empty rows from the detail table whilst keeping intermediate millde row data are empty on the page.

example table:
row 1 with data
row 2 with data
row 3 with data
row 4 empty
row 5 with data
row 6 empty
row7 with data
row8 empty
row9 empty
row10 empty

How can I remove row 8 to 10 from the detail table whilst keeping row 4 and 6?

The way how to remove these trailing empty rows depends on the way how you’ve created the detail table in your Connect Template. For example; Did you create the detail table by only making use of the “Insert Detail Table…” or “Insert Dynamic Table…” option? And by what kind of script are you creating this empty rows between rows populated with data?

I am using the Insert Dynamic Table in Connect. Empty rows are extracted from the pdf data file in the datamapper and contain non breaking spaces. I am simply using the Extraction steps.

But I think I have figured out myself how to remove the empty trailing rows using either a standard script or postpagination script.

Is there a simpler way to remove these empty rows? GMC software has a simpler right click menu option to remove trailing lines from dynamic table. Does Connect have a similar option?

There is an easy way to remove empty rows. In that case you’ve to check the option “Hide when empty” in the last step of the “Insert Dynamic Table…” window. You can simply check if you’ve checked this option by viewing your design in the Workspace “Source” mode. In that case the table-element will have the following attribute: