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Rename Multiple Fields

Hi Guys how can i rename multiple fields in DataMapper… I just want to add “MV” for every name of the fields.

I strongly suggest you do it from the user interface however tedious it might seems BUT, if you feel adventurous and can follow instruction exactly, here is what you can do:

  • Make a copy of your Datamapper
  • Using 7-ZIP, open the Datamapper file as an archive (it is a zipped file) but don’t extract anything yet.
  • From the opened archive in 7-zip:
    • Drag the .OL-datamodel on your Desktop
    • Open it using a text editor
    • Change the name of all the fields you want, nothing else
    • Save the file
    • drag back the .OL-datamodel in your still opened archived
    • Close the archive
  • Re-open that Datamapper file in Connect
  • Notice the names are changed
  • Sync your Template(s) with the new Datamodel