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Rename PDFs in workflow with metadata build in datamapper

Hi, I need to rename a couple of thousands PDF files in workflow. The filename is successfully created in datamapper and passed as metadata to variables %1 and %2.

From that point I can’t figure it out and with most things I have tried I get error "Metadata does not contain valid Content Set Item Collection”.

My workflow process looks like this:


You’ll want to set that in the filename on output:

Your rename is currently only renaming the data file, which I assume is being replaced when your Create Output finishes and returns the PDF to workflow.

It may make more sense, however, to use your values as part of the Output Creation itself and have the Output name the files upon creation.

Have a look here for more information: How to use mapped field to name output file?

ok, I see. But I still can’t make it work. I’m missing something.
Same error:

00:14:09.288 [0004] W3001 : Error while executing plugin: W4206 - Metadata does not contain valid Content Set Item Collection

With current workflow:

I tried it also without the Set Job Infos and Variables as it is now set in output creation with


and separation on document level (the input pdf files are one document each)

It does work fine now, there is no need for Create Job and Create Output.

thank you!