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Render Email Content - associated API call

The Render Email Content plugin (presumably) uses the Connect API to generate the email content, and then gets the file store details so that it can be used by other plugins.

The documentation for the Content Creation (Email) Service hasn’t been updated with anything around this. Is this possible? We are having some issues with the existing Render Email Content plugin and would like to look at scripting an alternative.

May I know what problem you are experiencing when using the Render Email Content task?

Regarding your question: You should be aware that the Render Email Content task (1) and the REST API Content Creation (Email) Service (3) aren’t exactly the same. You can compare the Content Creation (Email) Service the best with the Create Email Content task (2). Because the discription of the Render Email Content task is:

The Render Email Content task pre-renders emails from a template’s Email Context and stores them in the File Store, along with their attachments.

Where the description of the Create Email Content task is:

The Create Email Content task generates a set of email content items from a template’s Email Context, which are then sent directly to the recipient set in each record.

Which is the same as the ‘description’ of the Content Creation (Email) Service (4):

You want to run a content creation operation to create and send email content using a design template and an existing set of Data Records as inputs.


PReS Workflow 2020.1 User Guide

  1. Render Email Content
  2. Create Email Content

PReS Connect 2020.1 REST API Cookbook

  1. Content Creation (Email) Service
  2. Running a Content Creation Operation for Email By Data Record (Using JSON)

Omitting the host information will force the respective end points to pre-render the email content.

Hope this helps,


Thanks. I’ll give that a look.