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Repeat Print Context on an Array


How do you repeat a print section on an array? Eg I have data that has a name and address then requires giro slips. These are variable and in an mapped within a array\table in the main data record. So I want to repeat a print context which has the giros in based on the array\table count

Are you trying to do imposition or simply cloning the section?


It’s cloning them as such, but each one will need personalising with data from the data array. Within GMC there was an option to repeat pages based on an array, so if you had a main data record with a sub array for giros with 4 records you would create the main letter page then repeat another page based on the sub array. So wondering if there is anything like that within PReS?



Out of the box, meaning without scripting, no.
But click on the link of my previous post and read on it.

You might want to read on the following post as well. You ca find them by searching this forum with “cloning section” as your tag. There are more to read also.

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Thanks Hamelj I’ll take a look