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Reprint jobs in the PPLPR Error folder

We had a network issue where several printers were not available for longer than the PPLPR settings. As a result there are lots of jobs in the ERROR folder that we would like to reprint. I tried stopping the PPLPR service and dropping a matching *.spl and *.lpr file and starting the service back up. The file attempts, but errors out eventually. The printer ip address from the *.lpr file is pingable and the filename on line 1 matches the *.spl.

What am I missing? Is there any method to get these files to print without having to send the data and reprocess everything again?

When you drop back the files from the ERROR folder, have you test the PPLPR with a brand new job for the same printer before? Just in case the problem doesn’t come from the files but from a still existing problem with the printer connectivity?

I was dropping the matched set of files at the same time, but the *.lpr file was being picked up prior to the *.spl being ready. I’m guessing due to size, so the solution was to deposit the *.spl files first and then the *.lpr file.