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Resize of column not possible since update to 2019.1.0


on friday last week we updated our PlanetPress Connect System from 2018.1 to 2019.1.0.5
In the workflow-process all is working without problems.

But when I open the template in the designer, the width of the colomuns (screenshot), has been changed, and I can only edit the size of the last three columns.

In workflow and in the actual output the column “Artikel” is much wider, a the Art.-Nr. column is smaller.
Both columns can not be resized.

The table is detailed-table

Where can I look in the html-code, to resize the column again?


Thanks for reading, the problem is solved now.
The problem was the header of the table, I delete and put them in a normal table.
After that I am able to resize the columns as I want.

Just asking… for science. Did your header row have merged cells?


The header row consists of two merged cells #Re# and Seite {#} von {##}


Yeah, if a table has merged cells one cannot resize columns. At least that has been my experience.

Can a OL employee advise on this? I would prefer not having to delete entire rows in order to change column widths. I would prefer the same effect that an Excel table has with merged cells.


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The solution with the normal table works for us, but only when there more than 1 page, the header is only shown at the first page.

Is it possible to show this table on every page, if there are more than one page?
With the master-page it does not work as we wanted, because we can not set left and right margin in the master-page.

And if I take the header in the table, I am not able to resize the columns.