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Retrieve the total number of pages and records of a print Job

Our production team required that we provide the total number of sheets and the total number of records (envelopes) of job before passing it to them.

We already have several datamappers, templates, job and output presets that all created PDF files for printing, either single or multiple in case of job grouping and output separation.

How could we easily provide these infos?

For some processes where the number of sheets is predetermined at the datamapper level we simply execute a post processor script that writes out a text file with the infos, but for the many other jobs were the total sheets are unknown due to variable data\scripts in the template etc I’m wandering endlessly.

Knowing were the files will be placed run a Workflow script using the Alambic API to compute the toal number of pages.
Knowing the total number of records is still unknown how to do it.