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Reusable OutputPreset additional content

For every job we create we need to place barcode for postprocessing. This barcode is always in the same position, has same structure, same code, same …, but we still need to create it on every OutputPreset we use. Since there is no “import additional content” we need to type in all properties or to copy/paste from another output preset. Yes, I know we can open existing OutputPreset, modify it and save it with different name, but if we have existing OutputPreset this is not an option.

Can you implement function to “import” additional content from existing output preset in the current one. For example we create one output preset, define postprocessing barcode and send it to server to use it as “common” preset. On another outputpreset we don’t define postprocessing barcode, but add previusly created OutputPreset from wich to “import” all additional content defined in it. Import should be implemented in Output Creation step, so if we change additional content in “common” preset it should automaticly change in all OutputPreset that “imports” that preset.

The first part of your request (importing additional content at design time) is interesting and should be possible.

But the second part is more like an “include” method that dynamically loads additional content at runtime. And that would introduce a series of challenges that would make the feature messy (at worst) and confusing (at best): how to specify the order of includes, how to handle nested includes, how to handle missing “include” files, how to determine which version of an included file was used, etc.

For our case we should always “include” the latest version. If we change “common” preset use it every time in future.
Order can be the same as defined in output preset. First process additional content in that preset, then go to first included and process all content in that preset in order they are defined, then go to next include …
Yes it can be tricky, but I think it would be helpfull

I have created a feature request in our database (for reference: SHARED-78332).