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Run mode in DataMapper

Is there a run mode variable in DataMapper that we can query?

When using the DataMapper with calls to DB queries in design mode, it’s highly frustrating that each time something is actioned in the Steps pane, a couple of records are processed.

In PP7 I’d have setup my script to only properly execute if &printermode > 4 (or similar)

Is there anything I can check to drive this? If not, may I suggest it as a feature request?



Good suggestion, I will add it to our TODO list.

In the meantime, one easy way of achieving this is to check the value of automation.jobInfo.JobInfo1.

JobInfos are always passed by Workflow to the DataMapper. And at run time, JobInfo 1 always contains something (set by the last input task that was used before calling the DM). But by default in the DataMapper interface, that value is empty. So unless you have specifically cleared JobInfo 1 in your Workflow process, you know for sure that whenever its value is empty, it means you are running the DM from the GUI.

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Nice workaround @Phil.

I like it, thanks. :ok_hand: