Sample Flow for LPD Input

I’m only on hour 2 with Node-Red (includes installation time), so I apologize if I’m missing something easy. I was wondering about a more traditional workflow processes such as LPD queue input types of processes. Where we receive data via a queue maybe manipulate the data a bit, apply a template and send it off to either a LPR printer or Windows printer queue.

If you have PlanetPress Connect or PReS Connect you can create such workflows in the Workflow Tool. You have also the possibility to get data as input via WinQueue input (Windows printer queue). And sending to a LPR or Windows printer queue is possible as well.

So are you saying that there isn’t a method within Node-Red for an LPD queue?

Nope, no one has created such a node yet.
Node-RED was originally designed with the IOT in mind… and printing through the web was not a priority. We are looking at various options to make it possible but in the meantime, it’s still an operation that requires Workflow.

So have Workflow running to receive in the various LPD queue and place the files into a folder structure. Then pick up the files using Node-Red. If I need the jobinfo metadata, I’m assuming that I create two files. The actual data file and also use the create a file plugin to save the jobinfo metada and tie the two files together using a common guid. Unless there is an easier method to accomplish this.

I like the metaphor, but need to play with it a lot more to make it do what is required

Yes, for now you would design the various interactions as if you wanted to hand off the LPD job to a secondary Workflow process that starts with a Folder input.