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Save Advanced Print Settings to presets

It would be great to have a save button in the advanced print settings so that job and output presets are automatically created for the settings made.

Additionally, it would be good to have the ability to enable “Output Local” in the output presets. Many of our customers use Connect as a multi-user system and want to use presets for on-demand printing.

Hi Thomas,

I’ve raised an enhancement request for your suggestion about saving output presets from the print dialog. I’d advise talking to the support team about how your sever and work is configured for your local output question.



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Actually, there is already a way to do this: on the print dialog, click the cog button next to the drop-down for output preset or job preset, and choose Customize. This lets you edit the last settings used, and when you press Finish, you get the option to save the settings as a preset.
Perhaps not the most obvious path, but I think it lets you achieve what you want.