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Save attachment from Secure Email Input

I want to save CSV file which are send by Email to Workflow. (1 file / email)
I must use Secure Email Input because email provider force secure access.
Can you help me to save the attachment using XML Splitter or scripting ?
E-mail are send by a script, subject will always be the same. Attachment name will contain a variable, which I should use later in my workflow. (When I have CSV’s name I could do the trick using JS)

Thanks for your help and sorry for my by English :wink:


When using the Secure Email Input plugin, a XML file will be generated by the plugin (as explained in the help documentation).

Use the Set Job Infos and Variables plugin to set the path and name of the file into JobInfo1.

Simply use the Load External file plugin and give it the value of Jobinfo1 which contains the name and location of the file while being process by Workflow. You can then do what you wish with it.

Thanks for your help.