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Search feature in workflow


I know there is a wfsearch plugin but its not very intuitive.

I would like to request to have search feature in workflow that enables you to search anything, so I can jump directly to the task/variables found, and jump to the next one and back. Making it easier to debug and work a complicated workflow.

Thank you

That’s a bit of a project, it’s unlikely to make to the top of our priority list.

Instead, maybe you could make suggestions on how to make the wfsearch app more intuitive? Since it’s a standalone utility, it would be much more likely to get updated relatively quickly.

Hi Phil,

Thanks for the respond.

I can list short comings of the plugin. I do use it as its the only one available.

  • Even it tells you which rows you are after, when theres several hits , I still have to scroll in workflow to go to the rows I want. I have a complicated workflow that is around 350+ rows. If workflow has a way I can jump to particular row. It would be nice.
  • When you get a hit it shows all the workflows that matched , hope theres an option to only target a particular workflow.
  • The text are hard to read as they are bit small
  • Since its a stand alone program, I switch back and forth which should be standard in most application to have it built in. Versus opening another program, loading the workflow. Just the overheads.

In the end I think would be nice to have a built-in search that is always available when working with a workflow. Otherwise anything that could improve from the list of pain points above , that can be implemented in wfsearch utility.

Thank you,