Second section rotation

Hello OL Team

How can I rotate second template section by -90 degree in output?

Is there any easy way inside template or script?

I have two sections:

  1. Front (Needs to be letter portrait)
  2. Back (Its landscape) and need to rotate it in output

Hello @Odyn,

Does the Print Section “Back” contain content or has there only been applied a background image to this Print Section?

  • In case of the former: It is unfortunately not possible to rotate a Print Section in it’s entirety
  • In case of the latter: You can apply the field rotation to a Control Script to rotate a background image -90 degrees, as shown in the following example
var background = merge.template.contexts.PRINT.sections["Section 1"].background;

background.source = BackgroundResource.RESOURCE_IMAGE;
background.allPages = true;
background.rotation = -90;
background.url = "images/test.pdf";

No problem.

Yes, has to rotate whole page with content.

I used rotation script inside workflow to rotate the whole content if needed.

Works quite good but supposed if we can do the same thing in template also. @Marten

Can you let us know please whether the output is send to a printer? if so, can you please indicate if the printer does not take care of this itself? The reason why I am asking this is because I understand that a printer should perform the rotation itself when landscape and portrait pages are mixed.

I don’t have detailed knowledge of how devices are connected to anyone else’s. If it comes to printing, yes, the documents are sent to the printer.

I am available, but the perspective changes along with the content and all elements of the website.

Because the customer immediately looks at the page in the target orientation (all portrait).

The script does the job, but I was curious about access to the tool without AlambicAPI and additional scripting. This option is very useful.

an additional problem is the fact that regardless of whether our section is simplex or duplex, we are not able to force a blank page to be added at the end of the entire collection.

If, for example, 1 section is simplex and the second is duplex and we have, for example, 7 pages, the 8th page will not be added to the template page. That’s why the script managed to add it.

This option would be very useful. It is not enough to configure impsoition in the output preset because in the case of many clients, sections may have different settings. @Marten

Can you please explain what you mean by the following:

Can you also please explain what you mean by “the entire collection”? For example, would you like to add a blank page to each record or to each document set?


Regardless #1: When we develop section in landscape, we want to rotate whole section in output to be in portrait (Not keep it landscape) So we have to rotate it with whole content from landscape to protrait.

#2: Entire collection of pages is a mailpiece/document. So for example You can have 2 section, first section is simplex so 1 page and the second section is duplex so for example contains 6 pages. So entire document is 7 pages. And there is no option to force template to put blank backside at the end because its already 6 pages (duplex). But when You generate this document and save as PDF then it will have 7 pages, so it will break duplex and barcoding and print. Thats why duplex needs to have parity number of sides and pages. In my case its more like mixplex.

#1: When the output will be send to a printer: Can you please test and/or indicate whether this printer does not take care of rotating portrait pages itself?

#2: A possible solution is to check the option “Omit empty back side for Last or Single sheet” in the Sheet Configuration settings of the second Print Section and to add an extra blank page to the second Print Section by using a Post Pagination Script like the one in this OL Learn reply?

Tip: Please start a new topic in case you have any question or need any information or help regarding #2.

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Thank You.

Your post pagination script looks nice, will try this also on my side.

Anyway the problem is solved by workflow script and we add blank page and do rotation using workflow script

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How can we rotate second section which is landscape to portrait using post pagination script?
Because it looks like pp Alambic breaks the fonts and create image instead of text pdf in our case.

Please help.

Rotating a Print Section by a Post Pagination Script is not possible.

Can you please test and/or indicate whether this printer does not take care of rotating portrait pages itself?


Probably the printate will rotate this correctly but we have to make output to be Portrait not landscape thats why need to rotate it clockwise.