Section order in imposition

I am working on a format with several sections in vertical A5 format (210x148mm) composed by imposition on an A4 (210x297mm). The last section (prints twice) contains a pivot table and normally overflows onto the next page, the problem is that I need it to print as:
Page 1: page1 - page1 and Page 2: page2 - page2
but the current result is:
Page 1: page1 - page2 and Page 2: page1-page2

Any idea how to solve it?

Thank you !

Can you provide a Datamapper and Template with anonymized data so we can play around and try to figure it out?

Also please share your JobPreset and outputPreset

You can set your section to duplex.

Hi jchamel,

I attach the files and a diagram to better describe what I need, considering that it is for section 3 that must be printed twice… thank you very much for your help !!! (181.8 KB)

Can you first fix your Template?

Hi jchamel, escuse me, I was testing that script but it doesn’t work, I already deleted it and attach the correct version.

Thank you !!

guiaCliente_pr.OL-template (169.1 KB)

guiaCliente_pr_0001.pdf (84.8 KB)

Is this the result you want?

It is hard to understand the resulting output you desired as your example doens’t take real output of what you have provided and your page # of # seems to be messed up

Hi jchamel, yes, the current result is guiaCliente_pr.PDF and what I need is in guiaCliente_example.PDF.

guiaCliente_pr.pdf (84.7 KB)

guiaCliente_example.pdf (440.8 KB)

In short, the last section should be printed twice, but if it has overflow, it should go down instead of to the right. The copy on the left should be on the right.

guiaCliente_pr.OL-template (168.4 KB)

I hope I could have explained it better, I really appreciate your help…


What you want is for Sección 3a & Sección 3b to be side by side and there overflow to be side by side as well?

There is no impostion that will do that for you. Not unless the imposition is done manually or through a script.

Basically what you want is that the Template execute as follow:

  1. Sección 1 and its overflow
  2. Sección 2
  3. Sección 4
  4. Loop through the overflow section and their overflow:
    a. Sección 3a
    b. Sección 3b
    c. Sección 3a overflow 1st page
    d. Sección 3b overflow 1st page
    e. Sección 3a overflow 2nd page
    f. Sección 3b overflow 2nd page
    g. etc…

The only way I can see this working would be to do your job in three different Templates (also assuming that you have only 1 record per data file as per your example).

  1. First one with Sección 1 & Sección 2 & Sección 4,
    a. no pagination at the bottom
    b. Imposition method: Cut and Stack
    c. Page Order (first one)
  2. Second one with Sección 3a & Sección 3b
    a. no pagination at the bottom
    b. Imposition method: Cut and Stack
    c. Page Order (third one)
  3. Merge those PDF together so they become the input for the third Template
  4. Simple Template that outputs the first one and add pagination (# of ##) manually using scripts.

Your Workflow process would be like this:

  1. Input file reception
  2. Execute Datamapping
  3. Branch to right
  4. Execute 1st Template
  5. Output Preset to a folder with specific filename,
    a. Output Preset must not be the last step (need be added as an Action to keep synchronycity)
    b. Output Management set to As defined by Output Preset
  6. Go back to Main branch
  7. Branch to right
  8. Execute 2nd Template
  9. Output to a folder with specific filename (same as main one)
    a. Output Preset must not be the last step (need be added as an Action to keep synchronycity)
    b. Output Management set to Through Workflow
  10. Send to Folder plugin, as an Output
    a. same folder as 1st Template resulting PDF
    b. same name as ast Template resulting PDF
    c. Tick check box Concatenate files
  11. Go back to Main Branch
  12. Folder Capture plugin that grabs the newly concatented PDF
  13. Read this article to know how to get the number of record (PDF pages) of the PDF as well as using the Datamapper to check if there is 1 or 2 printed pages per record (left and right). The best way to do that would be to try to extract something on the right side of the page where you know there is usually something. if there is, then you have 2 printed pages on that record (PDF page).
  14. Now that you have that information, you can use the PDF pages as the background of your 3rd Template and can manually add the pagination at the bottom of every printed pages.

Maybe there are other way to approach this but that is the one that came to mind.
Hope that helps.

Hi jchamel,

Your solution works perfectly by working the sections separately and then concatenating them into a PDF.

Thank you very much again for your help!

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