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Secure Email Output

I have a simple workflow with 3 step.

  1. folder capture
  2. excute data mapping
  3. Secure Email Output

but got the below error:-

Am i miss something ?

below is the setting in secure email output

thanks in advance.

When I have this result, it is because I forgot to run my Startup process which initialized many global variables for me, which I use in my Secure Email Output plugin.
Si I am guessing that you are using variables as well in some field of the plugin and the value they contain causes this error.

Try in in debug mode and add a breakpoint on your Secure Email Output plugin. Then before proceeding with that one, look at the content of all variables you use in it, from the Debug Information bottom-right tab.
Let me know if that help.

thank you for your reply,
i didnt setup any variables for this process,
When I change the output to a folder, there is no error message.

Which version of Connect are you currently running? I haven’t seen that Secure Email output plugin icon for a long time.
The current one has a lock image instead of the SSL red word on it.

And what about the OnError tab…what’s on it?

At this point I suggest you open a technical support ticket through our website. A technician will be able to remote at your site and try and reproduce your issue.
I don’t think I can help you more without actually have access to your setup and doing some testing.