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Secure Email via smtp.office365.com

Hi there,

I having some issues being able to authenticate an smtp connection from within Connect Workflow.

I’m getting this error
[0003] Step: Sending e-mail - Error : Authentication unsuccessful, the user credentials were incorrect.

The user and password I’m using are correct so I’m not sure what setting is out.

Is anyone else doing this are there any tricks to setting this up/setting that need changing on the MS end

I’m using smtp.office365.com 587 TLS v1.2

I can make a call to our mandrill smtp endpoint but am having issues getting these to work with our office 365 account.



If your password contains “%”, you will have to double that character (%%) so Workflow doesn’t attempt to interpret it as the first character for one of its variables.

Hi Phil,

That was indeed the issue.

Thanks for that.