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Self replicating process slower then regular one


I have one regular process that takes one PDF file (~20 pages), create print content … etc. Create print content plugin for that file takes ~5sec to complete. CPU usage for mergeEngine.exe in this case is ~12%

Since I have hundreds/thousands of those files I created self replicating process that will process them in parallel. I’ve set this process to max 3 instances (Max percentage of threading to 3%, Maximum number of replicated processes is 100), but create print content plugin takes~15sec for one file to complete. There are three mergeEngine.exe running at 2%-5%
I did try to increase number of processes but it makes it even slower.

Server has 8 merge engines defines, 2 datamapper engines, 32 GB RAM (50% free at all time when those process runs), version is 2021.2. There were not other running jobs when I tested this

Am I missing something? Why is this so slow running as self replicating process? What can I do to speed things up?


How many Weaver Engines do you have setup?
Have you tried increasing the memory allocated for the Merge and Weaver engines?

We have 2 weaver engines, but this selfreplicating proces does not create any output. It’s job is only to create content and store it to DB. Another proces will retreieve data from DB and create output.
Merge engines have max of 3GB, and use less ~1GB for this process.

In that case I suggest you open a ticket via our website and a technician will assist you in troubleshooting this particuliar issue.

Hi @darkovuj
Do you manage to find out the reason that self-replicating process running slowly? Hope you don’t mind sharing it here.

Thank you.

Sorry, but we didn’t find a solution to this problem.
We encountered another problem with this approach, so we gave up the self-replicating process completely.

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